Luigi Gala Tattoo

"An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have", cit, Andy Warhol


Luigi Gala 

-Award winning-

Best international artist  Telford 2016

Best Avant Guarde  Tattoo freeze 2017

I am originally from Naples south of Italy.

I moved to Wellingborough in 2013. I completed my first tattoo in 2011, at the time I was still working but spending all of my spare time painting, drawing ,tattooing and I was studying at the academy of beautiful art in Naples. I started to have  a true passion for body art after a trip in Palma de Mallorca ,Spain.

 Mall'art tattoo was born there.

Mall > stay for Mallorca ,I had the inspiration there,looking tattoo artists working till late with so much dedication ,doing amazing design and enjoying their passion which became their job.

I realised what an awesome responsibility and a real honour for me that people would show an incredible amount of trust and let me tattoo them. In the beginning I learned the profession alone ,then from school with an awesome teacher Roberto Lauro and from my mentor Claudio Barone awesome and humble person who direct me through all of this,I can't thank him enough. After visiting several conventions and watching well known artists and how they were working, what techniques and what equipment they were using. All this helped to accelerate the learning process. I started to work in Northampton,Rh ink in March 2013 and than I met with Leo Rios ,owner in a shop in Bedford where i currently work and organizer of few of conventions. With him I found a family and inspiration. 

I really like watercolour style or colour tattoos,but I can be flexible to the needs of my clients.I consider all of my body art to be equally important and are all prepared and designed as if it was for me

27/03/16: I won my first award as ''best international'' at ink-a-gogo in Telford.

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